STASIS Unveils the EURS Instant Purchase Feature

Krypto Walker
2 min readDec 7, 2023

Experience the swiftest on/off ramp — purchase up to 1000 EURS monthly using only your email!

STASIS continues the mission to connect a 16 trillion euro market with the blockchain technology. This week, we celebrate a new milestone our platform now offers an exceptionally speedy on/off ramp feature, aimed at enhancing the accessibility of EURS stablecoins like never before.

Now, it only takes as long as a minute and a few clicks for you to access our services. Buy up to 1000 EURS per month with just a few steps!

Moreover, commissions for any operations (purchase and sale) on all blockchains have now been reduced to 5 euros flat!

Get started here:

  • Enter your email on our sign-up page
  • Register a phone number
  • Connect your wallet in the Webapp
  • And that’s it — you’re all set to go!

Your account is set within a minute!

Check the video below to see how fast you can get on board!

We’re excited to see how this can streamline your transactions and offer you a more fluid financial experience. Looking forward to having you on board!

Feel free to ask more about Stasis and EURS via the links below:

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